Peer Levin Communications was founded in 2008 and is currently one of Israel's largest and leading companies in its area in the public, business, economic and political arenas.

We specialize in offering services and solutions in strategic communication, communication consultation, PR, media crises management, campaign management, handling media struggles, conventions, spokesmanship, managing social networks, advertising and branding.

The Company employs 25 of the finest professionals in the fields of communication consultation, spokesmanship and PR. We offer our dozens of customers a winning combination of journalistic experience with business and public spokesmanship.

The Company is headed by:

Attorney Eitan Levin, Owner and Co-Executive Director. Eitan has filled various senior positions in the Israeli press for about 20 years, including Assistant Head of the News Editorial Board in Yedioth Ahronoth, Chief reporters' coordinator, Head of the News Desk and Senior Editor.  Served as Senior News Editor in Maariv until 1997 and as a reporter and reporters' coordinator before that. Levin studied law, is an Attorney and a member of the Israeli Bar Association. He serves his reserve duty as an officer in the IDF Spokesman Unit.   

Memi Peer, Owner and Co-Executive Director. Memi was the Spokesman and Communication Consultant for the Ramat Gan Municipality for 20 years and for 12 years served as Chairman of the National Organization of Local Authorities Spokesmen. He edited and hosted a current affairs program on the radio for 3 years. In recent years he has been serving as senior strategic consultant to public, business and municipal organizations and has managed complex political campaigns. He graduated from the Bar Ilan University with a degree in political sciences and education administration.

Attorney Gur Motola, Managing Partner filled numerous positions in the Israeli media. Began his professional career 18 years ago as a journalist, spokesman for the Knesset's Legislation and Law Committee and advisor to former Minister Dan Meridor. Worker with former Prime Minister Edud Olmert and advised many Knesset members and senior ministers during political campaigns. Serves as Professional Director for a team of consultants in Peer Levin and manages complex campaigns and media crises. Motoloa is a certified Attorney and a member of the Israeli Bar Association.


Areas of Activity

Business companies: our experience teaches us that correctly and wisely handling the communications array can help give business companies, big and small, a boost forward. Our specialty in economic communications, combined with a comprehensive familiarity with these worlds of content, considerably contribute to promoting and positioning our customers. Our Company also has expertise, experience and a thorough understanding in other fields such as real estate and commerce in general.

Social and public associations: proper communication management helps associations that were established to promote social, national and/or public agendas. Our expertise in the relevant communication arena, combined with a comprehensive familiarity with these worlds of content, considerably contributes to promoting and positioning our customers.

Public organizations: one of our most prominent areas of practice is offering communication consultation and PR services to public organizations and bodies and their directors. Our work leads to exceptional communication and image results, promotes customers and positions them at the front of the media arena in both the economic and the national news.

Political campaigns: over the past years we have managed dozens of complex political campaigns, both in the national arena and the municipal one and in most of them we achieved tremendous success and wins. We specialize in managing political campaigns starting from the planning stage, designing the candidate or party's image, planning their strategy and messages, through managing the communication and response array, spokesmanship services and PR.

Local authorities: we provide communication services, communication strategy planning, spokesmanship and professional PR for local authorities and mayors, both for small authorities that do not employ their own internal spokesman and for larger cities that do (sometimes even a spokesman on our behalf). Our current work relations with senior figures in daily media, helps find suitable communication solutions for our municipal customers in various areas – education, culture, tourism, construction, welfare, emergencies etc.

Crises and struggles: managing communication crises or struggles has to be done by professionals. There is no room for error and no room for hesitating. A communication crisis happens out of the blue and therefore requires wise, decisive action in order to minimize damages and leverage weakness into an achievement. Thanks to years of managing communication crises and struggles we have all the tools necessary to successfully manage any issue, as proven by many years of successfully handling and solving struggles.

Tourism, culture, professional conventions and events: we manage PR and Communication Consultation arrays for tourism bodies (Kfar Maccabiah, Europa Hotel) as well as dozens of professional conventions (municipal, medical, communications, tourism and more), projects and festivals, including some of the largest events produced in Israel. We have made headlines in Israel and abroad by managing communications and PR for the famous opera productions at the foot of Masada. We also handled all PR and spokesmanship services for Israel's 60th independence celebrations.

Law offices: managing PR and communication consultation arrays for law offices requires a special expertise and comprehensive understanding of the legal and communication worlds. We have the necessary experience and professionals as attested by some of the country's most respectable law firms that we have helped lead to success as well as the correct dose of communication exposure for each of them.

Medical organizations: one of our areas of expertise is offering communication consultation and PR for medical associations, organizations and bodies. Our work leads to significant results, promotes their objectives and positions them at the front of daily media.

Quality of the environment: one of our most prominent areas of practice is offering communication consultation and PR services to bodies and companies on issues of the quality and protecting the environment and sustainability. Our work leads to communication and image results in the right dose for each of our customers based on their objectives, promotes customers and positions them at the front of the media arena in both the economic and the national news.


Social networks

 our New-Media Department specializes in marketing and managing presence in social media. Focused and synchronized activity in all the social networks creates effective presence for the customer and optimal exposure among its target audiences. We specialize in building communication and media strategies in the New-Media, characterizing applications, focused advertising, marketing campaigns on Facebook and managing ongoing presence on all social medias – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter.


Branding and advertising

 we own Peer Levin Creative, a unique boutique firm that offers branding, graphics and advertising services and employs leading professionals, each specializing in his or her field, that by closely cooperating and working together, lead to amazing marketing breakthroughs for our customers. Our unique platform offers a complete strategic array of procedures beginning with initial characterization, vision, research and strategy, branding, building advertising and marketing content, media planning and buying, ongoing management and accompaniment. The people of Peer Levin Creative are behind dozens of successful advertising campaigns and ads for many local and international customers in a variety of fields – public, political and commercial.

 Media buying: we specialize in media buying for campaigns, media buying as part of content marketing and collaborations as well as sponsored promotions on social networks. We offer our customers extremely attractive media buying prices.